5 Simple Tips to POWER UP Your Video Results

5 Simple Tips to POWER UP Your Video Results 1

1 Simple First Video:

A simplified, less complex video script is the smoothest way to start your first video project. Two minutes is actually the “sweet spot” for videos, with many viewers dropping off after that. Experts recommend having one to three main bullet points within a two minute video. Try to put the most compelling content first in the video, to hook the viewer in the first 8-15 seconds.

Other Benefits of Short Videos:

  • It is much easier for a short video project to more fully focus on being a high quality production, which viewers notice.
  • Short videos are easier for viewers to understand, and easier to create.
  • Short videos are more economical.

2 Include Emotion

During the script writing process, give consideration to mental context and the mood that your audience is likely to be in to determine an emotional strategy to include. If it fits within your video subject, add a dose of natural humor. Video marketing is one of the most effective ways to create positive emotions with prospects.

3 Call to Action

Towards the end of your video, add a clear call to action for interested prospects. Be creative. This can be a couple of words, or longer than a sentence. A few action words: GET STARTED, TRY, LEARN MORE, BUILD, GROW, SIGN UP are just a few.

How to Write the Perfect Call to Action

4 Add Your Personality

Be casual and relaxed by speaking with someone you are comfortable with. You are human, so do not worry about being perfect. A non-perfect, real person is relatable, trustworthy and memorable. We will take a little extra video coverage for stitching together in the editing process.

5 Sound

Use the right combination of video and sound. Audio is as important as visual, even more so in many cases.

Content tip: Customers are interested in seeing similar video images as business photos. Review this Google link for business-specific photos.

videocamera arrow grothRemember, a video has an approximate lifespan of five years, a great investment.

~ compassion to all ~