5 Tips to POWER UP Your Photo Results

jade plant moneyPhotos are one of the most important visual additions

Beautiful website photos can transform a website and amplify your message. Photographs which create a positive emotional response are especially powerful and remembered longer.

Gain a competitive advantage for your business by using clear product images and considering the client’s visual needs first.

These photo tips will add significant value to a website user experience:

1 Product photos will literally make or break your business.

  • A white background allows focus on the product, without distractions.
  • A consistent background color appears clean and trustworthy, on all devices and sizes.
  • Web editors often prefer white backgrounds for a design style.

For eCommerce purposes, huge, interactive photos with 360° zoom are ideal to get a complete view of the product (1000 px wide, 2000 px is better).

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2 Photos of the business owner and team members: Fellow human faces are the most effective in grabbing our attention and gaining familiarity/subtle trust. Profile photos should be relaxed and natural.

3 Photos of the business location serve to make a customer comfortable, more relaxed and familiar with the setting before a visit.

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4 Image captions are read 300 times more than any body copy, making captioning a valuable addition. Photos with descriptive captions are a surprisingly easy design addition to get the attention of a target audience.

5 A boost in the color saturation and brightness makes a noticeable improvement to the image quality and mood. A saturation boost and cropping an image to the focal subject makes a stock image look more real, and reduces file size.

5 Tips to POWER UP Your Photo Results 1Boost your website user experience by using stunning photos and stylish graphics.

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5 Tips to POWER UP Your Photo Results 2

boost color saturation, brighten, crop


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