4 Tips to Add VALUE with a “Content-First” Website

Beneficial Content:

A “Content-First” website provides a visitor with genuine solutions, inspires action and provokes emotions on some level. Done correctly, providing rich content communicates on a much deeper level than any advertising vehicle.

Content-First marketing reaps the natural benefit of gaining trust, while growing constant awareness of your brand’s authority. Providing great content is an equalizer that will continue to draw customers, regardless of the size and power of your competitors.

4 Tips to Add VALUE with a "Content-First" Website 1

save their time!

Your goal is to save your website visitors valuable time by providing concise solutions and resources for a problem they have, now or in the future.


1 Make a list of questions your visitors may be having surrounding your niche product or service. Whittle it down to three subjects that are relevant for your readers. Focus on the subject that seems most timely, and the subject that most excites you.

4 Tips to Add VALUE with a "Content-First" Website 2


2 Rather than taking the easy route of using common information, provide hidden perspectives that are original. This requires digging into the subject, and experience with your visitor’s marketing needs. Edit content for clarity and eliminate fluff.

3 Commit to a level of “pay it forward” philosophy. By including useful content-first marketing, visitors become aware that your contribution goals include more than solely making money selling your product.

4 Delegate one section of your website as a laser focused content resource for your visitors. Designating a weekly blog posting suits this purpose.

Current and future customers care about a brand’s story and who they are dealing with. Offering unique and resource filled content is a long term strategy that draws visitors back to your website.

4 Tips to Add VALUE with a "Content-First" Website 3New sales and conversions are the natural reward for providing a positive user experience.

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